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About Me


I am a self-taught artist from Columbia, South Carolina and I’ve been creating art since about 2012. I graduated from the University South Carolina with a BS in accounting, I am currently pursuing my CPA while working for Deloitte Tax, LLP. 


My artistic journey began in middle school with small doodles on notebook paper. The quality of my work flourished as art became a valuable asset to my mental health throughout high school and undergrad. 


My primary media include ink and graphite, although I have occasionally branched out to watercolor and acrylic for commissions. Since I learned by drawing in my school notes, I’ve always admired simple and temporary art. In fact, many of the pieces you will find on this website no longer exist. For example, the mural of the bodybuilder was painted in a gym that has since gone out of business. That wall has been repainted and the mural will never be seen again. The fact that only a few people got to experience the fruits of my labor first-hand is poetic in my mind - almost like I have a connection with those few beholders. 


Feel free to connect with me via social media channels below. I’m always open for commissions and collaboration!

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